Trainee membership



Trainee membership is open to:

  UK and Republic of Ireland trainees for the duration of their training. Doctors on a recognised programme of specialty training in the field of microbiology, virology, infectious diseases or undertaking dual training in these disciplines who has not yet been appointed to a consultant or academic equivalent position (with an academic equivalent position being that of senior lecturer, reader or professor).

  Experienced clinical scientists registered on a Higher Specialist Scientist Training (HSST) programme to become a consultant clinical scientist who are not already eligible for Full membership via another route; or 

 Those in core medical training who demonstrate a suitable commitment to infection prevention and control, and who have an interest in/working in the field of hospital and other healthcare-associated infection.

A Trainee member will receive free membership, and will, for the purposes of HIS, be considered a Full member. At the end of their training the trainee will become a Full member and within six months of receiving their certificate of completion, be required to pay the full annual fee.

All membership applications will be at the discretion of Council.

Trainee membership benefits

Benefits of Trainee membership

You can join at any time of the year.