Full membership

Full membership is open to:

 Medically qualified microbiologists and infectious disease physicians; or

 Microbiologists, with qualifications of PhD or FRCPath, working in the field of hospital and other healthcare-associated infection; or

 Other graduates (for example, infection prevention and control practitioners, antimicrobial pharmacists or clinical scientists) who have demonstrated a consistent and continuing interest in hospital and other healthcare-associated infection, by relevant publication, or by other means.

 Others working in the field of hospital and other healthcare-associated infection who have a significant level of experience (at least 5 years working in a senior IPC role).

All membership applications will be at the discretion of Council.



Benefits of Full membership:

Membership is for 1 year and includes the following:

You can join at any time of the year.


£190 (print and electronic JHI)
£90 (electronic JHI only)
£45 (for new consultants who are 6 months post-CCT, for a further two years as a new consultant - electronic JHI only)**

** The half price fee only applies to membership with electronic JHI.  New consultants wishing to have a print copy will need to pay the full fee of £80.

In accordance with HMRC guidance, you can claim tax relief on the membership fees you pay to Healthcare Infection Society if your membership relates to your job.

Refund policy

Membership fee refunds for any part of a fiscal year are not allowed under this policy unless a duplicate payment has been made. In such a case, the claimant must provide proof of the double payment. In this circumstance a full refund will be made.