Trainee Day Travel Bursaries

HIS Trainee Members only

We offer discretionary bursaries of up to £50 towards the cost of attending each HIS Trainee Education Programme day. Bursaries are awarded to for HIS trainee members only.

In order to be eligible for a travel bursary delegates must attend for the full day of the programme, and submit a claim per event attended.

Please contact HIS prior to the event with any extenuating circumstances that may affect your claim.

Application deadline: up to one month after the event


To apply, complete and return the bursary form together with receipts, either at the event or up to one month after the event to

Further information


Please note only HIS Members are eligible to apply for Trainee Day Travel Bursaries.

HIS Membership is free for Trainees and application is via the HIS website.

All Trainee member attending the HIS Education Programme Days may be eligible for an Travel Bursary up to the value of £50 to subsidise travel costs to attend.  This will be a reimbursement of travel costs already incurred. You are eligible if:

  1. Your claim is solely for travel costs to attend the event named (if you do not intend to take your return journey directly after the event, please provide a cost comparison and justification)
  2. Your residence or place where you started your journey is a minimum of 50 miles/80Km from the training day venue
  3. You make your claim within one (1) month of attending the event, and provide adequate receipts (these must detail your start and end points plus date and cost of travel)
  4. The Society is a charity with limited funds and has a responsibility to ensure that funds are uses in the most cost-effective way, therefore rail travel must be at standard class and with the cheapest ticket type possible. (Where an Anytime rail ticket has been purchased, the Society reserves the right to request justification for the purchase and cost)
  5. Mileage allowances for delegates travelling by car will be at a rate of 45p per mile
  6. Where private transport is used, it is assumed that an adequate insurance policy to cover business use is in place and that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition.