How we developed our strategy

During 2018 HIS Council took part in three workshops which began the process of developing the organisational strategy for 2020-2025. These workshops focused on our impact, how we could diversify our activities, and how we wanted to be perceived by our members and the wider IPC community.

In addition, we asked the HIS membership to take part in a in a survey in order to help us clarify our key messages to our key audiences.

The workshops and survey resulted in a clear and ambitious direction for the Society – to grow, diversify, collaborate and to support excellent research.  

Member consultation

In January 2019, all HIS members (and the wider IPC community) were invited to comment on our draft strategy.  Members were asked to share their views on the eight challenges we had identified that we felt should drive our strategy, our five strategic objectives and also on a summary statement which aimed to describe the actions we intend to take to deliver our strategy.

In total, 160 responses were received from members and non-members.  Whilst the response was overwhelmingly positive, some members did comment that we needed to be more inclusive, and consider a more interdisciplinary approach.  This feedback was reviewed by HIS Council in March 2019, and incorporated into the new strategy. In June 2019, HIS Council approved a new committee structure which is more clearly aligned to the new strategy.  This new committee structure will be implemented during the latter part of 2019, and fully operational from the 2019 AGM.  

The strategy was finalised and communicated to members in September 2019 following a further consultation with the existing HIS Committees.