Developing the 2020-2025 HIS strategy


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Help develop our strategy

Since 2017, the Healthcare Infection Society has been canvassing opinion to help develop our strategic plan for the next five years.

Following a member consultation, our new logo was launched in April 2018, and was followed by (in October 2018) a completely new website with a design and functionality that leads our members swiftly to the information and resources they need. During 2018, HIS Council also assessed the organisation's impact and identified that the Society should diversify its income streams in order to grow and be self-sustaining.

The next stage in the Society's evolution is to develop a new organisational strategy to ensure that we retain our membership (which has grown by over 30% in the last year) and support them to manage, prevent and control healthcare-acquired infections.

In order to ensure are plans are relevant to your profession and the stage of your career, in early 2019 we consulted our members regarding our proposed objectives and plans for the next five years.

The member consultation closed on Sunday 17 February at 23:59.