HIS is represented on national and international committees and other forums. The following is a list of the current HIS members and their involvement in these groups.

Committee | Group | Forum

HIS Representative

Public Health England: Standards for Microbiology Investigation Steering Group  Chris Settle
Royal College of Pathologists: Combined Infection Training Speciality Advisory Committee Laura Prtak
Royal College of Pathologists: Medical Microbiology & Medical Virology Specialty Advisory Committee Gayti Morris
European Network to Promote Infection Prevention for Patient Safety (EUNETIPS) Aggie Bak
Infection Prevention Society: Research and Development Group Chris Settle
BSI Committee on CH/216 Chemical Disinfectants and Antiseptics  Karren Staniforth 
NHSE/I Estates and Facilities Management Clinical Reference Group Lucia Pareja-Cebrian
NQAAP for Medical Microbiology James Price
NHSE/I IPC Education Framework for IPC Practitioners Manjula Meda
NHSE & NHSI collaborative working group on PPE Manjula Meda
NHSE/I National Infection Prevention and Control Manual (NIPCM) steering group James Price
NHSE/I Principles of Asepsis/Aseptic Technique consensus statement Vicky Gentry
Royal College of Physicians Joint Speciality Committee for Infectious Diseases  Chris Settle
National Hospital Programme Chris Settle and Manjula Meda 
Surgical Site Infection Surveillance Service (SSISS) Task-and-Finish Group  James Price
DPECF Sub-group: An introduction to the principles of decontamination Robert Spencer


If you would like to comment regarding the activities of these committees and forums, please email