HIS expert-approved 

The HIS expert-approved quality mark identifies resources that:

  1. Have been produced by infection prevention and control experts
  2. Comprise content that has been confirmed as both accurate and evidence-based by at least three expert reviewers

The HIS expert-approved quality mark is awarded only to resources that meet the high standards of the Society. 



To carry the HIS expert-approved quality mark, the content of resources must be based predominantly on peer-reviewed and published evidence, and be fully referenced.  Where this level of evidence is not provided, the author must state the basis for inclusion of the data and/or the opinions expressed. Award of the quality mark indicates that inclusion of the data/opinion is considered valid.

The date of certification (detailing when the HIS expert-approved quality mark was awarded) is included in all resources to enable the reader to assess if there is more recent evidence available.

Use of the HIS expert-approved quality mark

Use of the HIS expert-approved quality mark must be approved by the Society. As the owner of the name and quality mark, HIS takes the protection of the mark extremely seriously, and action will taken where misuse or infringement occurs.

Intellectual Property Office trade mark application number: UK00003457972