23 June 2022 Online
Don't panic! 2022

HIS and UKHSA are currently working to redevelop and relaunch the Foundation Course in IPC course for Spring 2023 in a blended learning format, via our new e-Learning platform. 

To enable people to access this vital education in the meantime, we will be releasing an interim version of the current Foundation Course as on demand pre-recorded content only, launching 1 September 2022.  Content is currently in preparation but will largely comprise the content already developed and delivered for the previous 2021 and February 2022 HIS/UKHSA Foundation Courses in Infection Prevention and Control (excluding the Q&A sessions and workshops). The list of programme topics can be viewed here (link to a web page with a list of the talk topics)

Disclaimer:  If you sign up for this course it is important to note that, as some presentations were recorded in April 2021, content will be out of date in respect of COVID.  Information on Monkeypox and HCID are not included due to the continuously changing situation.  You will also notice that some slides refer to PHE rather than UKHSA

How the on-demand course will differ from the traditional 5-day course


  • Previously recorded content of the course will be hosted online by HIS and accessible on demand at a reduced member registration fee of £250 per HIS member registrant and £325 per non-member from 1 September 2022 (in time for FRCPath Part 2 on 3 October 2022)
  • Content will be accessible until 30 November 2022
  • All content will be pre-recorded and there will be no live Q&A or workshop elements
  • We anticipate the course will qualify for a reduced level of CPD points in comparison with the traditional 5-day course (and this is to be confirmed with RCPath)


If you would like to register for HIS/UKHSA Foundation Course in Infection Prevention and Control on demand which will be accessible from 1 September, please REGISTER HERE  During registration you must accept the terms and conditions which specify that content is intended for the registrant only and must not be shared.  Content will not be supplied in a downloadable form.


Note: There will be NO REFUNDS issued following registration and payment for this course.


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