Dr Shanom Ali

Dr Shanom Ali is lead of the Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL) - a multi-disciplinary microbiology diagnostics and research facility at UCLH - and associate professor/lecturer at UCL and LSHTM. The ERL provides academic research and consultancy solutions that address AMR and infection control management as well as an exploring interests in antimicrobial discovery and novel therapeutics/diagnostics. The ERL encompasses a team of healthcare/clinical scientists/research nurses and academics.

Dr Ali provides teaching and training opportunities to PHD/Post-doc, MSc and medical students in microbiology/medical microbiology/infection and other cross-disciplinary fields such as chemistry/engineering/ nanotechnology/physics and astronomy. Through these projects the ERL attracts both UK, EU and international PhDs/Post-docs/MScs and medical graduates/trainees as well as medical registrars.

The ERL has over 15 years of expertise in engaging in a number of academic/industry grant-lead research in infection control/AMR/diagnostics and publish in peer-review journals accordingly. The ERL has established many links with industry and has influence in the development of products for the healthcare market. The ERL has also provided support to PHE/UKHSA in outbreak investigations that supports review of national guidelines.