23 May 2024
Healthcare Infection Society aligns training courses with NHS England's IPC Education Framework
Use our new interactive map to find the course that's right for you.
In a proactive move to enhance infection prevention and control practices across healthcare settings, the Healthcare Infection Society has announced the alignment of its training courses with NHS England's IPC education framework.

The framework, introduced to bolster the skills and knowledge of medical, nursing and other IPC professionals, outlines a comprehensive set of standards and competencies essential for combating the spread of infection within healthcare environments. Recognising the significance of this initiative, the Society has ensured that HIS training courses are easily aligned with the framework's requirements, creating a map to allow healthcare staff to easily identify the most appropriate courses for their role and training needs. Although the framework has been produced by NHS England, it will be a useful tool for IPC professionals across the UK and overseas.

Dr. Elisabeth Ridgway, President of the Healthcare Infection Society, emphasised the importance, stating, "Infection prevention and control is critical in safeguarding patient safety and delivering high quality care . By coordinating our training courses with NHS England's education framework, we aim to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary tools and expertise to prevent the spread of infections effectively."

HIS training courses encompass key areas outlined in the NHS England IPC framework, including outbreak management, antimicrobial stewardship, antimicrobial resistance and environmental decontamination.

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Commenting on the mapping, Sarah Adibi CEO of HIS expressed optimism about the potential to elevate IPC standards nationwide. "By aligning training efforts, we can foster a cohesive approach to infection prevention and control, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes and minimising the risk of healthcare-associated infections. Our training courses are available to anyone working in infection control including doctors, nurses, trainees, IPC leads, clinical and biomedical scientists and pharmacists.  We are also planning to develop introductory level training for those who are involved in IPC, but it is not their main professional role.”

With the HIS training courses now mapped to NHS England's IPC education framework, healthcare institutions can confidently invest in staff development initiatives, knowing that participants will receive training aligned with national standards.

HIS training aligned with the NHSE Education Framework for the IPC workforce