Name: James Price

Job title and institution: Senior Lecturer in Infection (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) and  Honorary Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology (University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust)

Year you started IPC: 2006

How long have you been a member of HIS?  Since 2016


  • What was your route into IPC?   

My route into Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) began with a clinical and academic interest in determining how MRSA is spread around hospitals. This interest expanded to include preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HCAIs) caused by other germs. I developed a particular interest in utilising new technologies such as whole-genome sequencing and AI for the prevention and control of HCAIs.

  • Why did you decide to become involved with HIS? (please try to weave in what benefit HIS has had on your career/development)

I decided to become involved with the Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) after chatting with Lisa Ridgeway and Peter Jenks at FIS, who invited me to the AGM, promising burgers and chips. At the meeting, I enjoyed engaging with nice people who shared mutual interests. Subsequently, I joined HIS and applied to chair the trainee committee, which has greatly contributed to my career and personal development.

  • Are you involved in any HIS society committees, working parties or focus groups?

I am actively involved in several HIS society committees, including chairing the Professional Development Committee, being a member of the EDI group, participating in the MRSA working party, and representing HIS on various committees such as SSI/PVL.

  • Why is IPC an exciting field to work/study in?

Due to the rise of antimicrobial resistance, treatments for infections are going to be more and more challenging and consequently there is a fundamental need to maximise infection prevention efforts. With the evolution of AI and other technologies, there are promising new approaches in the pipeline that may significantly help with these challenges.

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