01 July 2024
HIS Annual Conference 2024 #HISCON recap
The HIS Annual Conference 2024 was held on June 24-25 in Central London.
With a mission to foster innovation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange in IPC, the inaugural conference explored the critical theme of 'Risk management in IPC: Assessing and addressing the routine and the rare'.

The HIS Annual Conference 2024 brought together experts to discuss critical aspects of infection prevention and control (IPC). The conference provided a platform for IPC professionals to investigate innovative techniques, share insights and collectively address challenges.

Day one focused on sessions including environmental risks, screening and surveillance, managing risks from air and water, and risk from healthcare surfaces. Day two bought back the popular event Don't Panic! addressing IPC in special populations and practical sampling techniques.

Key sessions included debates on universal versus targeted screening methods and the role of sustainability in IPC. The conference underscored the importance of preparedness and innovative surveillance methods in enhancing healthcare safety.

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