Mike Emmerson International Fellowship

The Mike Emmerson International Fellowship was established to offer support to overseas clinicians in order to facilitate the sharing of best practice in IPC, and to gain experience in the management of healthcare-acquired infections in a hospital or community setting. This new fellowship will retain support for activities that are in the spirit of Mike Emmerson's commitment to education outside the UK, and replaces the Mike Emmerson Early Career Award. The fellowship is open to the healthcare professionals from low-income countries to undertake the clinical observership at a hospital or community setting in the UK or republic of Ireland. 

  • Maximum size of award: £2,500
  • Duration: max 4 weeks
  • Minimum size of award: £2,500
  • Applicant must be from a low or low-middle-income country
  • Availability: 4 awards


Application deadline: throughout the year



Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible?

We accept applications to this Fellowship from post-graduate healthcare workers based in countries with low-and low-middle income economies (as defined by the World Bank). For the list of eligible countries, please click here

Applicants will need to be post-graduate healthcare professionals, working in a clinical role at the time of an application

Applicants will need to have identified a UK or RoI-based sponsor who has:

  • been a member of HIS for at least two years
  • worked at the host institution for at least two years.

Applicants will need to demonstrate that they are currently working in a clinical role at their institution. 

The fellowship will only be awarded once to an individual, and once every 5 years to the individual's institution.

What can I do during my Fellowship?

The scheme can be used to:

  • Fund the observership related to IPC or healthcare associated infections in the UK or RoI
  • Fund the cost of research materials to undertake a small research project in the host institution if undertaken as a part of the observership in the UK or RoI


Restrictions: Funding is not available:

  • For the commercial exploitation of work already being undertaken, or intellectual property protection;
  • For equipment purchase only
  • To hire/purchase research facilities or equipment available at the host institution
  • To purchase contracted-out services
  • For indirect and estates costs
  • As start-up funds for new staff
  • As honorarium payments to visitors or fees for undertaking teaching
  • To buy-out staff time
  • To fund studentships, registration fees or fee waivers for students.


What costs are covered?

This fellowship will cover the cost of travel, accommodation and subsistence. These costs must be claimed in arrears of the event and expenses must be fully supported by receipts. All expenses must be in line with the HIS expenses policy.

It is expected that the recipient of the Fellowship will have business travel insurance provided by their institution

If the applicant proposes a research project in their application, the Fellowship may cover the cost of materials required for undertaking such project, however the total amount of the Fellowship awarded must not exceed the maximum £2,500.

How do I apply?

Your application must be reviewed and approved by your host institution and your organisation. The application and terms and conditions require signatures from the sponsor in the host institution and the line manager (or equivalent) in your institution.

Applications must be sent to grants@his.org.uk.

The following items must be included in your application:

  • A fully completed application form with supporting statements and signatures from the Applicant, Sponsor and Applicant's Line Manager. The Sponsor must be a current member of HIS, and have been a member for the last two years. 
  • Abridged 2 page CVs of the Applicant and the Sponsor
  • A terms and conditions form, signed by the applicant, the Sponsor and the Applicant's line manger

All forms are available below.

Next steps:

  • Applications will be triaged for completeness, eligibility and fit to the HIS remit. 
  • Applications will be sent the Grants Committee for peer review
  • All applicants will be notified of the outcome within 1 month of submission
Project management and monitoring

The following Conditions of Funding are absolute and apply in all cases unless otherwise stated:


Successful applicants are required to start their fellowship within 12 months of the announcement of the award. 

The fellows will be asked to provide a detailed report of their experience of the Fellowship to be published in the Infection Prevention in Practice journal. Failure to report the outcomes of your project may result in the applicant and their institution being ineligible to receive HIS funding in the future. 

The fellowship will only be awarded once to an individual, and once every 5 years to the applicant's organisation (there are no restrictions to the number of awards for the host institutions).

Transfer of funds
HIS HQ will investigate the most appropriate way of transferring funds (likely to the host institution), in arrears.

Research Integrity

If a research project is a part of the Fellowship, the applicants are supported on the understanding that they are familiar with the MRC’s policies and guidance on research ethics and research integrity. 


Fellowships should be completed within 4 weeks of the start date. The fellowship holders are not eligible for a no-cost extension. 

Key dates

Applications are accepted throughout the year. Applications will be assessed and applicants notified within 1 month of the submission. The holders of this award are expected to start their Fellowship within 12 months of the notification.