Trainee education day: IPC in specialised settings

Tuesday 26 November 2019


Infection prevention and control in a cystic fibrosis unit

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that often leads to frequent lung infections with organisms such as P.aeruginosa, MRSA, M.abscessus and others. These chronic infections in turn usually cause rapid decline in lung function and progression of the disease. They can be acquired from the environment as well as from other CF patients. Over the past 20 years patient-to-patient transmission of pathogens has been increasingly demonstrated in this unique patient population and, therefore, infection control measures are crucial for prevention of transmission of these organisms.

Royal Papworth Hospital moved to a new building recently which has been designed to provide the best possible care for CF patients including infection control aspects. In his presentation Dr Allen, who is the infection control doctor for Royal Papworth, shares their approach to reducing the risk of transmission and acquisition of pathogens by individuals with CF in ambulatory care and inpatient settings.

Dr Olly Allen, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


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