HIS IPC Leaders’ Development Programme

NHSE IPC Education Framework level: This course aligns to Advanced level on the framework

The next HIS IPC leaders' course will take place in June 2024 and details will be available here shortly.

In 2017, HIS launched its structured development programme specifically for IPC professionals in, or aspiring to, an IPC leadership role.

Initially launched as the Directors of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) Development Programme, the success of the programme, and the high demand, showed it was valued more widely than by just those in defined DIPC roles, and it is now called the IPC Leaders’ Development Programme. It has moved to be fully online to improve access and facilitate attendance.

The programme recognises that the professional background of IPC Leaders is varied, and they may be medical consultants, nurses, non-clinical managers, clinical scientists, allied health professional lead, or come from other backgrounds. These groups have different levels of management experience and understanding of healthcare-associated infection, and the programme aims to bridge the knowledge gaps between the various professional groups in order to promote effective IPC leadership.
The programme consists of a series of six, independent, one-day events, delivered twice a year over three years, which cover the current challenges faced by those working as IPC Leaders. The programme is RCPath CPD accredited.

The three-year rolling programme of events covers:

 Influencing others and changing behaviour 
 Taking surveillance forwards: making the most of your data
 Navigating the minefield: dealing with complaints, litigation and the media
 Outbreaks and the IPC Leader: managing the fallout
 IPC aspects of services and infrastructure: getting the basics right
 Investing in the future: quality improvement and education

Events include a mixture of speaker presentations, live speaker and panel Q&A, discussions, workshops, and personal development and hot topics.

Full and Associate members who attend 6 IPC Leaders’ Development Days will be eligible to apply for the Foundation Certificate in IPC Leadership.

The HIS IPC Leaders’ Development Programme:
Allows the sharing of experience and knowledge
Acts as a forum for bringing together Leaders in IPC regardless of background
Facilitates future research and collaboration
Narrows the knowledge gap for those with differing clinical backgrounds