HIS currently has more than 20 guidelines which we produce and update regularly. You can search our guidelines here or, if you are unable find what you are looking for, you can propose a new guideline topic. Please download the form below and tell us why you think this guideline is needed. The form will guide you through the process but please provide as much detail as possible. Before you start, think about why this guideline is needed and who will be using it. 


Why are new guidelines needed?


  • We understand that HCAI field evolves with technology and new pathogens emerging
  • With the threat of antimicrobial resistance, there is an increasing focus on infection prevention and control, and less reliance on using medicines to treat infections
  • We want to ensure that we support healthcare professionals with timely and relevant guidelines so that they can deliver excellent clinical practice
  • Being on the front-line of patient care, healthcare professionals are best placed to tell us which new guidelines are needed


What needs to be considered for a new guideline?


Guideline production is a lengthy and expensive process. Our Guidelines Committee is responsible for commissioning new guidelines as they see appropriate. There are many factors that are considered before the guideline topic is approved by the Guidelines Committee: 

  • Priority
  • Health and care burden
  • Potential to improve clinical and health outcomes as well as quality of life of the patients
  • Current advice, i.e. whether similar topic is covered by guidance produced by other organisations
  • Relevance to current Government policies
  • Whether the guideline is likely to be implemented in practice
  • The timeliness: typically, it takes about 18 months for the guideline to be developed. It is possible that some guidelines may no longer be needed by the time they are produced and this needs to be taken into account.
  • For more information on our guideline development process, please click here


How to propose a new guideline topic?

  • Download the proposal form at the bottom of this page.
  • Complete all sections and provide as much detail as possible.  (Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions prior to completing the form.)
  • Email the completed form to us: consultations@his.org.uk.


What happens next?

  • The Guidelines team will review the form and may come back to you with questions
  • The proposal will be presented to our Guidelines Committee and once agreed by the committee, the topic will be recommended to Council
  • Our committees and Council meet 4 times a year so some consideration must be given to the timing of your proposal
  • Deadlines for proposals to be included as agenda items at the next meeting are: 28 January, 28 April, 28 July and 28 October
  • We hope to be able to provide you with a decision within 2 months of receiving your proposal

Propose a new guideline form