15 February 2024
News: Share your thoughts on waterless care in hospitals
Dr Simon Pybus, HIS Graham Ayliffe Training Fellow, is working on the prevention, surveillance and control of infection in the built environment.
Simon and team at ARHAI Scotland and NHS Scotland Assure need your help to gather data - read more about the project below and take the Waterless Care Questionnaire!

Simon is the current HIS Graham Ayliffe Training Fellow. The Fellowship provides clinicians working in IPC an opportunity to take a one-year paid leave of absence to further their own specialist focus within IPC in innovative and novel ways.

His fellowship project aims to develop local specialist skills in the prevention of infections acquired from the healthcare environment, in addition to skills in systematic monitoring of infection data to help early outbreak detection and control. 

Simon and his team need your help to gather information on waterless care and IPC - follow the link below to answer their survey and share your views on reduced water care and waterless care in hospitals. 

Simon and his team are surveying healthcare workers on their views on the topic of ‘waterless care’. The project is vital, he explains:

"The realisation of risks associated with water outlets and concept of ‘waterless care’ has been a paradigm shift. This will impact all of us in our careers, not least in challenges of implementation.

The voices of microbiologists and infection control doctors are crucial in articulating the challenges and barriers to implementing reduced water care.

The output of this work will hopefully be useful for anyone thinking about removing hospital water outlets (for example, hand wash basins) or designing clinical areas without them."


The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The deadline for responses is Friday 15 March 2024.

Take the survey here: