18 October 2023
News: The Healthcare Infection Society joins forces with the Infection Prevention Society to support the delivery of the Education Framework for Infection Prevention and Control Practitioners
The Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) and The Infection Prevention Society (IPS) welcome the newly released Education Framework for the Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner (IPC) Workforce by NHS England (NHSE).
HIS is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with IPS to enhance and advance the implementation of the NHSE Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) education framework released on the 18th October 2023. This joint effort aims to strengthen healthcare systems’ capabilities in preventing and managing infections to ensure safer environments for both patients and healthcare professionals.

IPC is paramount in health and care settings and an effective education framework is vital to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent the spread of infections. The new NHSE framework compliments the existing IPC UK education frameworks, and by pooling their complimentary expertise and resources, HIS and IPS are committed to driving improvements in IPC education and fostering a culture of best practice.

The collaboration will focus on several key initiatives:

  1. Developing and delivering comprehensive educational resources: The partnership will work together to deliver a comprehensive suite of educational resources including training modules, courses, and toolkits aligned with the distinct levels of practice described in the Education Framework .
  2. Promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration: HIS and IPS will facilitate knowledge sharing among health and care professionals through webinars, workshops, and conferences, fostering collaboration to enhance IPC strategies. Both IPS and HIS have extensive professional networks, and HIS has the capability to deliver education via its online platform, increasing accessibility to all IPC practitioners.
  3. Empowering healthcare professionals: By empowering IPC professionals with the latest knowledge and best practices, HIS and the IPS aim to build a skilled workforce capable of effectively preventing and managing healthcare associated infections.

Dr Chris Settle, Chair of HIS and Consultant Microbiologist at South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust

It is encouraging to see that the necessity for improved IPC knowledge amongst IPC workers is being acknowledged by the introduction of a new Educational Framework for IPC practitioners. Improvements are also needed amongst many other groups of healthcare and Social Care staff. Working together, HIS and IPS are ideally placed to provide comprehensive and innovative IPC education. Not only will these initiatives support IPC practitioners in delivering a high-quality, evidence-based service, we anticipate that they will enhance job satisfaction and career development, and consequently improve retention and recruitment to the specialty. Furthermore, HIS is also capable of providing access to appropriate IPC training for many other groups of staff, which may help to consolidate improved understanding of IPC principles across the whole Healthcare and Social Care landscape.”

Lisa Butcher, President of the IPS, Deputy Director of IPC and Lead Nurse and Manager for IPC, Oxford University Hospitals

The IPS is encouraged that the importance of the contribution of the whole IPC workforce in the strategy to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan and the Five-year Antimicrobial Resistance National Action Plan has been recognised in the new Education Framework for IPC Practitioners.  Since its inception, one of the key activities of the IPS has been to deliver IPC-focused education and training for our health and care workforce, and we look forward to working with HIS to ensure the delivery of complimentary activities relevant to IPC Practitioners working at all levels in health and care settings.  A key activity of our societies is to support professional development, and improve the capability and capacity of our IPC teams.  This is essential if we are to ensure the sustainability of our specialist and valued workforce.”

For more information on the Education Framework for the Infection Prevention and Control Practitioner (IPC) Workforce , please click here.

  1. The Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) is a charitable membership organisation committed to advancing the science and practice of infection prevention and control. HIS members are drawn largely from the medical profession and are predominantly consultant microbiologists and doctors enrolled on an infection specialty training programme. Nurses, clinical scientists, research scientists and others with a demonstrable professional interest in HCAIs are also a vital part of our membership network. 
  2. The Infection Prevention Society is an independent charity with a 2,400 strong member network. IPS inform, promote and sustain evidence-based infection prevention policy and practice to create a health and care system where no person's health and wellbeing is harmed by preventable infection. For more information go to: ips.uk.net