16 October 2023
News: New animation highlights critical importance of hand hygiene and proper glove usage in healthcare
The Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) alongside the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) have released a new animation aimed at reinforcing the significance of proper hand hygiene and the correct usage of gloves in healthcare settings.
The initiative aims to educate and remind healthcare professionals about the critical role gloves play in infection control.

The animation was created in response to reports indicating that gloves are often misused in healthcare facilities, potentially contributing to the spread of infections. It incorporates up-to-date guidelines and recommendations, addressing common misconceptions and pitfalls that can lead to improper glove use, such as using gloves as a substitute for hand hygiene or failing to change them between patient interactions.

Key messages include:

  • 1/3 of the gloves used in health care are used in situations where gloves are not necessary. This is not sustainable as it creates waste and harms the environment.
  • Gloves will pick up and transfer germs in exactly the same way as ungloved hands. Gloves that are not used correctly can also place patients and members of staff at risk of infection.
  • Hand hygiene is an effective and sustainable way to prevent the spread of germs. For most care activities there is no need to wear gloves or other PPE.
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  • When NOT to wear gloves

Gloves are not required for touching patients, moving patients from one place to another helping them to wash or dress taking temperatures and blood pressures, administering drugs, giving injections or for simple clinical examination.

HIS encourage healthcare institutions to utilise this resource as part of their ongoing training and education efforts to drive positive change in healthcare hygiene practices.

The animation is available to download through vimeo.