15 May 2023
The HIS guide to applying for research funding
In recent weeks, HIS has published advice and guidance on applying for grants in a series of blogs. We provide detailed advice on how to approach the writing process, some tips from experts and grant-panellists, and reflections from those who have successfully applied for HIS grants in the past.
You can find all of our grant-writing blogs collected below - as well as more information on how you can apply for HIS funding.

Preparing a grant application for the first time

It can be difficult to know where to start when preparing a grant application. In this blog, HIS Research Awards and Evidence Manager, Angharad Green, provides advice and recommendations for preparing research proposals.

Angharad discusses her experiences obtaining additional funding whilst doing a postdoc at the University of Liverpool. Further advice about clinical research grant applications was sought from the Vice-Chair of the HIS Research Committee, Dr Andrew Kirby.


What can you do with a HIS Major Research Grant?

In this blog we talk to Dr Lena Ciric and her PhD student Sam Watkin, who is in his final year, about their research, their experience of being awarded a HIS Major Research Grant and using the award to fund a PhD studentship.

The HIS Major Research Grant supports work on the subject of healthcare-associated infections and infection prevention and control. A maximum of £99,000 is available and this grant can be used to fund projects of one to three years in duration. Supporting research in the field of infection prevention and control in healthcare has been a key HIS activity since 1986, when the first scholarships to support visits to overseas laboratories and organisations were awarded.



Successful grant applications: top tips from the experts

In this blog, two top researchers discuss how they develop successful grant proposals and share what they’ve learned from sitting on grant review panels.

We talk to Dr Daniel Neill from the University of Liverpool and Professor Eshwar Mahenthiralingam from Cardiff University about their experiences of writing grant applications and being part of review panels for funding agencies.

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Apply for a HIS travel grant!

The HIS Travel Grant is a grant of up to £750, designed to support members in an early career or trainee post to present their research at a scientific meeting. The Travel Grants can be used to contribute towards the costs of registration, travel, accommodation, subsistence and childcare for events about infection prevention control and healthcare-associated infections.

This blog features a few stories from last year’s grant holders – the Travel Grant scheme for 2023 is now open and we are accepting applications.

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