09 November 2023
News: External consultation now open for guidance on the “Prevention and Control of Infection in Burns Services".
In a proactive step towards enhancing patient safety and healthcare standards, the draft guidance for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Burns Services are now open for external consultation.
Using an expert-led and evidence-based approach, this crucial initiative aims to refine and optimise infection prevention protocols within burns services, an area that HIS Guideline Committee believe is a crucial issue to tackle.

The Working Party for this guidance, with members from Healthcare Infection Society and the British Burns Association, took the lead in this endeavour. Dr. Pauline Jumaa, Chair of the Working Party for the prevention and control of infection in burns services expressed the significance of the initiative: "Burn patients have unique characteristics with respect to infection and require specific considerations to prevent infection.  This report provides guidance to reduce the incidence of infection in burn patients including the physical design of burns services. We value all external input to help us refine our report to improve patient safety in burns services. “

This external consultation period offers healthcare professionals, stakeholders and the general public an opportunity to contribute their insights, recommendations, and feedback. This collaborative effort underscores the healthcare community's commitment to constant improvement in patient care. We encourage input from a range of backgrounds to ensure a well-rounded and balanced view is collated to achieve maximum impact and accuracy. The external consultation will remain open for four weeks to allow everyone to provide their invaluable input. The comments will then be reviewed, and the document edited accordingly before being submitted for publication.

The final guidance aims to ensure the most robust infection prevention and control measures in place for burn victims, creating a safer future in burn services and is expected to be published in 2024.

This consultation is now closed.

Burns Unit