Our Committees are formed of volunteers who are healthcare professionals.  They are formed largely of consultant microbiologists and virologists, trainees enrolled on a specialty training programme, infection control nurses, staff from Public Health England and clinical scientists. 

Our Committees

Scientific Development Committee

The role of the Scientific Development Committee is to promote the development of the science of infection prevention and control and to foster the translation of scientific developments into clinical practice. Included in their activity are coordination of HIS working parties, determining the research policy and close liaison with the Journal of Hospital Infection editorial board.


Peter Wilson Chair
Chris Settle Deputy Chair
Georgina Beckley  
Emma Boldock  
Elaine Cloutman-Green  
Alaric Colville  
David Enoch  
Carole Fry  
Mark Garvey  
Simon Goldenberg  
Jim Gray JHI Editor in Chief
Peter Hoffman  
Bill Newsholme  
Neil Wigglesworth President of IPS


Grants Committee

The Grants Committee, a sub-committee of the Scientific Development committee is chaired by Emma Boldock and oversees the applications and awards of HIS Grants.


Emma Boldock Chair
Mark Garvey Deputy Chair
Richard Cooke  
Richard James  
Andrew Kirby  
Damien Mack  
Ginny Moore  
Bill Newsholme  
Angela Oates  
Adam Roberts  
Peter Wilson  


Education Committee

The Education Comittee is responsible for the design, planning and delivery of educational initiatives in keeping with the strategic aims of the society, including planning the scientific content of Spring Meetings, delivery of events targeted at trainees and other meetings.


Mark Garvey Chair
David Enoch Deputy Chair
Carole fry  
David Harvey  
Jasmin Islam  
Martin Kiernan  
Michael Weinbren  
Jayakeerthi Rangaiah  


Trainee Committee

The HIS Trainee Committee is a standing committee of the Healthcare Infection Society and is responsible for overseeing Trainee Membership recruitment, and establishing regular communication and engagement with Trainee members throughout the country.


James Price Chair
Vacant Engagement Representative
Vacant Regional Representative; Ireland
Elizabeth Cross Deputy Regional Representative; London and the South East
Jennifer Fitzpatrick Regional Representative; London and the South East
Vacant Regional Representative; Wales
Alex Howard Regional Representative; North of England
Jasmin Islam Education Representative
Chris Lynch Regional Representative; North of England
Manjula Meda Trustee
Christina Petridou Interim Regional Representative; South
Timothy Shaw Regional Representative; Northern Ireland
Joanna Walker Regional Representative; Scotland
Vacant Regional Representative; Midlands


Director of Infection Prevention and Control (DIPC) Development Network Steering Group

The DIPC Development Network Steering Group was formed in 2017 to direct and oversee the formation of the DIPC development network and programme of events which are specifically tailored to support those who are (or aspire to be) employed in the DIPC role. Our DIPC Development Programme is a three-year rolling programme of two events annually which now in its second year.  

Lisa Ridgway Chair
Peter Jenks  
Simon Goldenberg  
David Jenkins  
Sarah Thompson  
Kalani Mortimer
Christine Bates  
Jenny Child  
Bob Darby  
Abid Hussain  
Debbie Lankstead  
David Enoch  
Jayakeerthi Rangaiah  
Viv Weston