14 April 2021 Online
The Public's Health after COVID: science and social justice symposium

This exciting programme led by eminent scientists and renowned speakers, who will describe how they experienced and sought to overcome Covid-19. Topics include; COVID-19: What do we now know? How did we respond to growing (and at times misleading) evidence? What did we learn? How has COVID-19 affected health inequalities? What opportunities does the ‘new normal’ offer? What other opportunities does the ‘new normal’ offer?

This meeting will be of interest to all grades of public health, medical - including general and specialist physicians, general practitioners, doctors in training and medical students, nursing and scientific staff, public health specialists, and allied health professionals

Speakers: Prof Mark Woolhouse, Prof Stephen Reicher, Prof Linda de Caestecker, Prof Ewen Harrison, Prof David Nabarro, Dr Nick Phin, Prof Sir Michael Marmot, Dr Vittal Katikireddi, Dr ELM Maeckelberghe, Ewan Aitken, Prof Linda Bauld