15 September 2022 Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
Beyond Antibiotics – A Preventative Approach to Infectious Diseases

The many facets of infectious disease management have never been more in the spotlight than in the last 2 years. In this symposium we will focus on the broad subject of prevention of diseases caused by infectious pathogens, considering our experience of, but looking beyond SARS CoV 2 including:


  • A practical look at the “other pandemic” of antimicrobial resistance with examples of real world antibiotic prescribing pitfalls, focusing on individual patient care as well as stewardship.
  • Vaccination science, what do practitioners need to know and how can we apply this knowledge to our daily practice
  • Ventilation as a prevention for airborne infection-is this practical?
  • Public and individual health approaches including global and local, adult and paediatric care.