Managing services and infrastructure - getting the basics right

Friday 6 December 2019


The DIPC and the new build

Most DIPCs and Infection Control Doctors will have little or no expertise or training to draw on when they find themselves first being asked to advise on a major new hospital build.

It can be a daunting task and there is currently a paucity of guidelines or national policy to direct many aspects of critical decisions making for the Infection control team , while plans presented to the ICPT for review may contain contentious or novel aspects and will often require rapid sign off.

The approaches adopted in the context of the new build of North Bristol NHS Trust a 1000 bed Trust (opened in 2014) illustrate some of the important considerations and possible approaches to advising as the Trust DIPC on a large new build project and also the pitfalls which can occur when details is overlooked or assumptions are made. The currently available guidance, including HBNs are much more comprehensive than those available in previous years, but do not substitute for a thorough review of all design plans at every stage and seeking advice from those who have previous experience of Infection Control in a new build.

Dr Elizabeth Darley, North Bristol NHS Trust