Managing services and infrastructure - getting the basics right

Friday 6 December 2019


In-house vs externally contracted services - how to ensure quality and when to reconfigure the service

This presentation will cover the work that has recently taken place at University Hospitals Plymouth to bring Hotel Services back in house following nearly 25 years of outsourcing. On 1 October 2019 at the natural end of latest Contract, more than 600 cleaning, catering and portering staff transferred into the Trust. The decision to insource was not a decision that the Trust look lightly. The presentation will cover the alternative options that were considered by the Trust, and also some of the specific challenges faced in delivering commercial services within the NHS. The presentation will cover the detailed planning which went in to making sure that the service transferred across smoothly on Day 1. Over the past decade, the service standards have steadily improved, and the presentation will also consider how these improvements have been achieved, particularly in cleanliness. This will set the scene for what the Trust now has to do to ensure that this is sustained and further improved delivered.

Dr Stuart Windsor, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust