27 November 2023
News: Healthcare Infection Society launches a Summer Studentship Grant Scheme to foster student research in Infection Prevention and Control
The Healthcare Infection Society (HIS) has launched a new grant scheme aimed at providing students with valuable research experience. The Summer Studentship Grant seeks to engage students in projects directly related to infection prevention and control (IPC), with a specific focus on preventing healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).
The grant aims to demonstrate to students how to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application. The initiative is intended to generate data that can lead to a future translational clinical research project.

Angharad Green, Research, Awards and Partnerships Manager of the Healthcare Infection Society, expressed enthusiasm about the potential impact of the grant, stating -  “Through this scheme, undergraduate students will have an opportunity to learn more about the research world and enhance their professional development and understanding of IPC. From my experience as an academic researcher, supporting undergraduate students in the lab boosts their confidence and offers wonderful opportunities to foster their enthusiasm for a future in research. In addition to introducing students to IPC research, this scheme will also demonstrate how preliminary findings from laboratory-based work can influence translational research for the prevention of HCAIs in clinical settings. In order to provide postdoctoral researchers and fellows with supervisory experience and the chance to further their professional development in their research careers, we are offering them the opportunity to serve as the lead PI on these projects under the right mentorship."

Key objectives of the grant include:

  1. Hands-On Research Experience: Students will actively engage in research projects that directly contribute to the development of infection prevention and control strategies.
  2. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: The grant encourages collaboration providing students with the chance to work alongside experienced healthcare professionals and researchers.
  3. Translation of Research into Practice: Emphasis will be placed on projects that have the potential to translate research findings into practical solutions for preventing healthcare-associated infections in clinical settings.
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Up to £500 is available for consumables for the research project and the student will be paid a weekly stipend.  After successful completion of the project, the student will be given HIS associate trainee membership for one year. They will also have the opportunity to attend and present their work at the annual Federation of Infection Societies (FIS) conference with costs of the registration fee and expenses covered by HIS.

Applications are now open and will close on 15 February at 11.59 pm. Postdoctoral researchers and fellows are also encouraged to apply for this unique opportunity to contribute to the critical field of infection prevention and control, making a positive impact on the quality of healthcare delivery and advance their own career path.

For more information and to apply click here.