COVID-19: Report your experiences to the JHI via Practice Points

The global pandemic continually throws up new challenges for IPC professionals. We therefore want to give contributors the widest range of options for rapidly reporting their experiences. 

We think that Practice Points is an ideal format for COVID-19 reports that would be of general interest but are not substantial enough for publication as either a short report or full paper. Practice Points are short peer-reviewed articles that were originally conceived for communication of research, audit or clinical experience (whether positive or negative) of Gram-negative bloodstream infections. However, we are now pleased to open the Practice Points format to reports related to COVID-19. Please do consider reporting any experiences that you think would benefit others using this format.

Practice Points are up to 800 words in length with no more than 8 references; one Table or Figure is allowed. There should be no structured headings within the article. A separate Summary, and Key Words, are not required. An example of this type of article can be found here